Disposal Management

If you have excess assets or inventory, Air & Ground have the infrastructure, experience and contacts to easily and efficiently to gain you the best recoverable value.

Our teams located around the globe can review, value, and then propose effective revenue return strategies. As a safe pair of hands, our quality management system can ensure compliance and OEM integrity is maintained at all levels.

Our team can promote your goods worldwide, offering minimum guaranteed sales pricing and sales with prior approval, whilst utilising our innovative electronic trading system that provides regular reporting and a full audit trail.

Our experience in asset disposal spans 27 years where reputation is everything, with a track record second to none. Key customers include UK MOD, Rolls-Royce, Leonardo, Serco, BAE, GKN, and many other private manufacturers and aftermarket operators.

Disposals Contract Example

  • 4 year contract with 1 year extension, running from 2011 to 2016
  • Over 1.4 million stock lines managed during length of contract
  • Received up to 1,200 pallets of items weekly
  • Items included entire airframes
  • Total of 9 facilities managed worldwide
  • Over 100 Air & Ground staff working on the project
  • “Reduce to Produce” program to obtain maximum return on assets
  • Recycling, demilitarisation and destruction
  • Dedicated electronic auction sites, seamless auditable ERP with full portal reporting

In Numbers

Contract Length: 5 years
Stock Lines Processed: 1.4 million
Pallets/Boxes Received Per Week: 1,200
Facilities Worldwide: 9
A&G Project Staff: 100

Surplus Management Process


  • Analytical and physical review enabling an informed perspective of a route to market and projected revenue return with planned time line
  • Organised and managed solution from a tried and tested program
  • Accredited and compliant solution management with secure and controlled industry led process
    Experienced logistics team
  • Options to sell direct or indirect, demilitarise or dispose


  • Movement and Storage of any item, from boxes to pallets to abnormal loads
  • External storage areas
  • Bonded storage
  • Climate-controlled warehousing
  • Hazardous / COSHH control of hazardous substances
  • Environmental controlled compliance
  • Inventory Management through industry recognised ERP: Quantum Control
  • Reporting, auditing, compliance and traceability


  • Managed release into market to maximise:
    1 – OEM for re-use / modification
    2 – Operators and end users
    3 – Open market
    4 – Reduce to produce
    5 – Auctions (online & physical)
    6 – Recycling/precious metal recovery
  • Team of qualified, experienced sales & customer service staff to manage sale to completion
  • Fully Auditable Portal ERP System

Reduce To Produce

Our Reduce to Produce service takes your redundant aircraft, vehicles or parts and breaks them down into their constituent parts for resale, in order to maximise the return on your assets.

With full project management for the breakdown of aircraft, vehicles, marine vessels, engines and components, Air & Ground have the capability and the experience to handle your requirements.

Don’t know what to do with the materials after the break down? Air & Ground can store, repair, ship or sell your goods with our turn-key solutions.