Parts Supply

At Air & Ground, parts procurement and distribution is at our core. We understand our customer’s priorities and work to ensure the required parts reach our customer as quickly and as easily as possible.

With more than 24 years’ experience we are aware of the challenges our customers face. We work closely with our partners and customers to identify requirements and then through effective sourcing we provide the right parts, at the right price, at the right place and time.

We import and export high-quality items across the globe to support industries in air, sea, land and rail, with no cost to quality. No matter how big or small, we ensure our customers get exactly what they need, when they need it.

120/1 Procurement

Our 120/1 Procurement service can remove the need for our customers to liaise with over 120 different suppliers they can simply deal with one: Air & Ground.

We can fit seamlessly into your supply chain and ensure you get what you need when you need it without you having to contact multiple suppliers and having to manage multiple orders.

Specialising in engine spares, avionics, structures, fasteners, electrical parts and tooling, Air & Ground is the single source solution that you can depend on.

MRO Management

Air & Ground offer a wide range of repair and overhaul services including the recertification of aviation material, ground support equipment, general aviation and special or type test equipment and tooling.

By utilising our global network of MRO facilities, our management service relieves our customers of searching for the best service for their needs and offers a cost-effective, efficient solution that can be relied upon.

Product Distribution

With over 20 years of experience, Air & Ground have built up the knowhow and contacts that can help promote your business. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or service provider, we can promote your goods or services amongst our vast network of contacts and advertise them in new markets worldwide.

With worldwide coverage and specialist local knowledge, we can ensure your products and services are effectively promoted.


If you have excess assets, Air & Ground have the infrastructure, experience and contacts to easily and efficiently to gain you the best recoverable value.

Our teams located around the globe can review, value, and then propose effective revenue return strategies. As a safe pair of hands, our quality management system can ensure compliance and OEM integrity is maintained at all levels.

Our team can promote your goods worldwide, offering minimum guaranteed sales pricing and sales with prior approval, whilst utilising our innovative electronic trading system that provides regular reporting and a full audit trail.

Our experience in asset disposal spans 30 years where reputation is everything, with a track record second to none. Key customers include UK MOD, Rolls-Royce, Leonardo, Serco, BAE, GKN, and many other private manufacturers and aftermarket operators.

Reduce To Produce

Our Reduce to Produce service takes your redundant aircraft, vehicles or parts and breaks them down into their constituent parts for resale, in order to maximise the return on your assets.

With full project management for the breakdown of aircraft, vehicles, marine vessels, engines and components, Air & Ground have the capability and the experience to handle your requirements.

Don’t know what to do with the materials after the break down? Air & Ground can store, repair, ship or sell your goods with our turn-key solutions.

Warehousing & Logistics

With our vast experience in providing storage and logistic support to the aviation industry, Air & Ground has opened its services to all businesses to offer a tailored approach to storage and logistics solutions.

Trading as PalStore, we have many services on offer and don’t offer a one-size-fits-all deal. Instead, we create solutions to suit your business, producing bespoke offerings for your storage and logistics needs.

We can provide 3rd-party logistics consultancy and support, as well as specialised inventory management services that are tailor-made to you and your business.

Our highly experienced logistics team can offer packing, picking, loading and unloading, inventory management, and transportation, whilst ensuring each item is uniquely assessed, stored and handled in the appropriate manner.