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Warehousing & Distribution

Air & Ground offers a variety of business solutions for any of your warehousing & distribution requirements, with over 16 years experience in high end secure distribution contact us to see what we can do for you and your company.

Store your pallets from as little as £1.50 per pallet per week – nearly half the price of other logistic companies

Our expertise includes:

• Large or awkward items
• Vehicles, aircraft, containers
• Spares, surplus management
• Distribution capabilities
• High-density storage
• Consignment stock
• Logistics Excellence
• Next day shipment to NATO countries including USA & Canada
• Worldwide Export Capability
• Packaging standards exceeding MILSTD and JSP requirements
• Kitting capability to enhance your production times
• Improve lead times in supplying your clients needs
• Just in Time (JIT) solutions for you and your customers
• Marine and cargo third party liability insurance
• Virtual customer control with full tracking
• Latest stock control and bar coding system
• Strategically located near major UK airports and motorways
• Trained, experienced and friendly staff
• Capability to remarket your surplus and excesses
• Exceptional flexibility
• Safe and Secure Storage• Our bonded facilities are JSP, EASE and ITAR approved
• 24-hour CCTV and security alarmed by ADT.
• Hazardous materials compliant


Air & Ground can store and distribute consignment stocks for you, handling all of the sales and logistical processes.

Our logistics capabilities to support your needs include:

  • High Density Storage And Distribution Capabilities
  • Same Day Shipping To NATO – member countries, including Canada And USA
  • 24 Hour CCTV, ADT Alarm With Central Station Monitoring And Online Monitoring Available Via Client
  • Bonded Secure Store
  • Hazardous Materials Capability, Section 5 Compliant
  • Itar Approved Warehousing
  • Packaging Standards Exceeding Milstd And Joint Service
  • Publication Requirements

Disposal Activity

Air & Ground partner company is VWINME they specialise in maximizing revenue from surplus and excess assets for key customers, both civil and military for disposal activity. We have a great range of often rare or hard to find stock. We can deal with items in virtually any sector; everything from helicopters and ships to nuts and bolts, IT equipment, storage media and many more.